Deirdre Weinberg -  Artworks
January 1

5 men in tuxedos waved sparklers and mugged for the camera ( not mine).  They were friendly and called out, "Happy New Year" as I walked by.January 2

2 kids playing basketball on the roof of the Boys and Girls Club behind a fence.January 3

Sweetgum leaves scattered on the sidewalk.January 4

Lands End, calm moment between wave crashesJanuary 5

Woman spontaneously playing flute beside her car, waiting for a pizzaJanuary 6

Pugs tied up to a gas station pole.January 7

Women celebrating in a bar window.January 8

Dog in baby carrier and its ownerJanuary 9

Skateboarder crouching and about to jump.January 10

Old Man in wheelchair on a street corner.  Someone scattered rose petals behind.January 11

Bicycle with peat moss and geraniums in front wire rack.January 12

Man painting street scene on street.  He was annoyed when I took his photo.January 13

2 guys playing hackeysack at the entrance to Golden Gate Park at Stanyan St.January 14

Someone "upcycled" an old pair of jeans for use as a planter.January 15

Old railroad caboose now in use as a hipster hang out.  Not sure if coffee is involved.January 16

Someone made and hung up Japanese cranes from a tree in the Aids Memorial Grove.January 17

People gathered around a shrine on the side of a bank, memorializing a community member who died. January 18

2 drunks going down the hill on Masonic Ave.  One was in an office chair  and yelling, and one was running behind and laughing.January 19

Man playing guitar on a street corner to unappreciative traffic.January 20

Sunrise, around 7:10 a.m.January 21

Patterns on a woman talking with her friend in a cafe.January 22

Leaning against a laundromat wall and stretching.January 23

Solitary boxer in window of a gym.January 24

Bark patterns on a sycamore tree.January 25

Fog over the HeadlandsJanuary 26

People gathered around a violin on the ground.  Not sure what it was all about.January 27

Latino grocery worker with cross necklaceJanuary 28

Cool pattern made by the shadow of a tree on the mural behind.January 29

Soapboxing about saving Social Security.January 30

Bumpersticker on the side of a trailer covered with graffiti.  The word refers to undocumented Latino immigrants seeking legal citizenship.January 31

People scattered on outdoor seating at Aquatic Park.

February 1

Reflections of bare tree branches on a windshield.February 2

African Musician in the underground.February 3

Day laborers lined up along the street.February 4

Interesting tatoos (Marvel Comics)February 5

Early cherry blossoms - alarmingly earlyFebruary 6

Rainbow chalk circle on the asphaltFebruary 7

A common sight around here...February 8

I guess I didn't get the memo.February 9

Rainy schoolyard.February 10

Mysterious numbers on the schoolyard playgroundFeb 11

Nighttime BBQ at Brother-in-LawsFeb 12

Silhouettes of a family on a distant hill.Feb 13

Sitting on suitcases in the sun.Feb 14

Sweets for Valentine's Day.Fwb 15

A garage with a view.Feb 16

Beautiful old wooden lapstrake rowboat at Aquatic Park.February 17

Beautiful place for a bench.February 18

Fog fighting the sun, sun fighting the fog February 19

Lonely bartenderFebruary 20

Apparently the markings meant, "I'm underage, don't serve me."February 21

Publicity shot for the opening of yet another hipster cafe around here.February 22

Tuba show.  I loved the reflections coming off of it.February 23

Watching the waves break at Ocean Beach.February 24

A couple takes their domestic dispute outside, with a glass of wine.February 25

San Francisco gives a green light to bicycles.February 26

Eating lunch with a horse.  The horse was curious and sniffing the man's lunch but didn't really want any of it.February 27

The rain made the tree fall colors really saturated.  The eucalyptus caps stood out against the wood chips and leaves.February 28

A living sign made out of plants downtown among the steel and glass.  It was a relief to see something alive in that environment.March 1

I'm seeing more and more of these around town.  The pink moustache on the car means that it's a private taxi for hire.  Good idea but I don't think I'd ever take one -- you never know who you're going to get as a chauffer.March 2

Interesting idea seen on a sign posted in the Haight.March 3

The popular food trucks at one of their stops.  I love the Vietnamese truck with the garlic noodles.March 4

Unfortunately, the "artist" pin was only available in England, the man said.March 5

The psychic is OUT.  It looks like a nice place for a cup of tea or a glass of wine and people watching, though.March 6

A visitor to Twin Peaks at sunset.  Locals forget to come here but it's a great view.March 7

The Farmer's Markets are sparse this time of year but still beautiful.March 8

Walking in places in the city, you can feel like you're the only one there.March 9

I swore I wasn't going to paint cliche images but I liked the composition and rainy, foggy atmosphere on the bridge.  March 10

How often do you get to see one of these shiny old firetrucks?March 11

A flash dancer downtown. She appeared with a group out of nowhere, accompanied by music and megaphones.March 13

Playing accordian while walking on stilts.  Gotta love it.March 14

Adding color to a drab wall near the freeway.March 15

A parasailor with an artificial leg.  I saw the first takeoff which didn't go too well, but I'm sure that he knew what he was doing.March 16

M&M caramel apples in the candy store window.  I resisted that temptation but gave in to the house-made chocolate.March 17

A hummingbird trying to get nectar from an ecchium plant.  I don't know why, but any time I see a hummingbird, it puts me in a better mood.March 18

The last affordable housing in SF.  I thought the arrangement was nice.  I think they are unoccupied. March 19

A cyclist in silhouette against a sunset.  This view is looking west at the corner of Divisadero and Turk.March 20

The lath house at our community garden.  Lots of good stuff growing there now.March 21

A few days late, this is an outfit I saw someone wearing at the St. Patrick's Day celebrations downtown.  It looked interesting but uncomfortable.March 22

Nothing like a big mug of Mexican hot chocolate and whipped cream on a foggy, cool morning.March 23

I don't actually like these gold prismatic shoes, I just wanted to see if I could paint them.March 24

Wheelbarrow full of plantings.  This scene reminded me of when I was a City gardener.March 25

I liked this stone well uncovered in the Presidio, used by early Spanish and Mexican settlers.March 26

My friend did "cupping" on her neck to get rid of the kinks from sleeping wrong.  She's done it for me for a pulled muscle.  It looks bad but it works.March 27

The shrine at my favorite dim sum place.  It's a pretty standard design, as far as I can tell.March 28
Tai Chi in the park.  Really early in the morning, but they're out there rain or shine.March 29
These are the most beautiful, tiled mosaic steps I've seen on someone's house.March 30
Delicias del Michoacan mobile ice cream truck and sticker collection, mostly in the Mission playgrounds.March 31
This desiccated, disgusting bird actually fell on my head as I was sitting outside in the sun making a phone call!  I've been bombed by bird poop but never a dead bird.  It was weird and actually a little scary, like a bad omen.April 1
Someone's going to be happy today.  No April Fool's joke!April 2
Someone painted this stuffed antelope, appearing in a storefont, neon green.  I know it's dead but it seems disrespectful.April 3
Bird's eye view of handball players.Why does nobody under 60 play this agame anymore?April 4
There is poetry ( literally) on the traffic overpass.April 5
Spring training-- it's somehow comforting to see it.  It happens every year at the same time, a spring ritual I've always subconsciously looked for.April 6
Fuzzy burner bike. Why not cover your shivering bike?April 7
Waves are up- a surfer heads to Ocean Beach, walking the streets in a wetsuit.April 8
Someone was playing harmonica and listening to the waves.  It really was a perfect harmony.April 9
Digiridoo and very patient dog acting as a support.April 10
The solution to what to do with your empty beer bottles.April 11
This aloe grows in our community garden.  It's pretty impressive.April 12
The best re-use idea for plastic bags I've come across.April 13
The weather has been gorgeous here lately- hence the return of the naked men of the Castro.April 14
One of the last independant movie theatres in SF recently closed.  I never did try the popcorn.April 15
This is James, who I saw taking out hats from his shopping cart and trying them on.  When I asked to take his picture, he struck this rather strange pose.April 16
I love the biker tatoos.  I thought of getting a real one tatooed on my leg.April 17
A friend made this stupendous, 6-layer rainbow cake for her daughter's birthday earlier this week.  No such thing as a small piece.  It was good, too.April 18
This kid was only 8 or 10 but seemed much older and confident on the skateboard.April 19
A beautiful red-winged blackbird came and sat down near me at the beach, wanting food.  He flew away when he saw that all I had left was onions.April 20
One of my favorite things to do-- a bonfire at the beach makes you feel like you don't live in a densely populated city.April 21
The tunnel near the Conservatory has one of the best acoustics around.  There's always someone playing a guitar, saxophone or something there.April 22
I dont' mind the hoards coming in to the city to get high on 4/20-- they're pretty mellow, but the tons of trash they left scattered everywhere didn't make us too happy.April 23
I pass this old man reading a book on the steps every day I go to class.  I tried to peek but I can't see what he's reading.April 24
I never noticed this stencil on the sidewalk near our place until recently.  I was relieved not to see F.... or B... or anything else.April 25
This scene seemed to me like the remnants of a bad breakup-- someone's stuff strewn all over near our place.April 26
The Muni car barn at night.  I don't know why this sight is interesting, but it is ( at least to me).April 27
Uh, yeah...I really did see this cyclist on a rooftop.April 28
I love unusual weathervanes.April 29
An alley in Chinatown.April 30
I was waiting for a friend in a parking lot and this man walked by.The sight was too iconic; I had to paint it. May 1
Sometimes the rickshaws make you feel as though you are in another country.May 2
Urban rooftop scene.May 3
I thought this graffiti artwork was amusing.May 4
Lots of Chinese men gathered around a game of Go or cards in Portsmouth Square.  I think I was the only female and the only non-asian around and felt self-conscious trying to nudge in and take a photo.May 5
Youths smoking on a hidden stairway.  Some things never change.May 6
This is the shadow  a sculpture cast on the bright sidewalk.  It might have been a burning man sculpture but survived the burn since it was made of metal.May 7
I've been wanting to paint this for awhile - a couple kissing in front of a glowing Muni bus stop at night.   They were too engaged to notice me.May 8
Can someone tell me if wearing pajamas in public is a trend?  I'm seeing it more and more. I'm not a prude, but I wouldn't wear my pajamas or bathrobe to a cafe or on the bus. Put on some sweatpants at least, please!May 9
These horse tie-ups are around if you keep your eyes open.  Kind of a cool throw back.May 10
I saw that this old Phillipino man had hand written on his Giant's baseball cap the words "WW II veteran."  It seems to me that the Philippinos espeailly are proud of their service and wear things like this.  There can't be many of them left.May 11
The coolest luggage I've ever seen.  I don't know if the speakers work.  Does this give anyone Mother's Day ideas?May 12
I must have walked and biked across the bridge 100 times and passed this tower door but it was never open before.  It was tempting to go inside but there were lots of people taking photos.May 13
The (very stylized) wild parrots of Telegraph Hill are a sight to see -- and hear.May 14
Someone left a very nice message in chalk on a doorstep nearby.  I wonder what the story was.May 16
Any geocachers out there?  Here's one, but I can't tell you where it is.May 16
A lonely wheelbarrow in a garden awaiting work...May 17
Don't let anyone tell you that chard isn't beautiful.May 18
I pruned a friend's lemon tree and this was the bounty.May 19
Ceramics left out to dry.May 20
I've been wanting to paint this crazy sign for awhile.  What's wrong with practicing?  I thought it was a good thing.May 21
Early morning fitness boot camp.May 22
Tell me again how you lost your bra?May 23
School church choir.May 24
A beautiful piece of machinery.  What will City College do with the 12,000 lbs. worth of printing presses if they close?May 25
Bay to Breakers shananigans.  Someone actually yelled, "Put some clothes on!"  I have to agree that good costumes could be more interesting...May 26
A great heron in the fog by the beach - semi-rare sighting.May 27
Another unusual weathervane to add to my virtual collection.May 28
Good idea!  I'll put a donation slot in my house and see what happens!May 29
A pedestrian overpass at dusk struck me as something that would have been in a Hitchcock movie.May 30
This art car had old smartphone covers plastered all over it.May 31
I love this homemade cocktail dress!June 1
Low tide - the rock jetty is exposed.June 2
Marco Scutero fouls a ball behind the plate.  June 3
As we idly watched the water, these two pigeons appeared and did their thing.  It took me a minute or two to realize they weren't just playing.June 4
Dusk at the Ferry Building - a nice time and place to be.June 5
Daydreaming with bike....June 6
This is a pet peeve of mine - taking photos of your food and instagramming it ( tacos, in this case).  Why do people think it's so crucial to share what they are about to eat?June 7
Does anyone remember this arcade game?  I was surprised to find 2 skew-ball games in SF.June 8
Relaxing in the Panhandle on a (rare) warm and sunny day.June 9
Put on your Salsa shoes and go dancing!June 10
Hat makers supplies- not something you see too often.June 11
Early morning partiers hanging out the window.June 12
A mockup of the Homobile!  Since gays, lesbians, transgendered, etc have trouble getting taxis to stop for them, they started their own service -- run on donations!June 13
Vikings need public transportation too.June 14
This guy must be famous.  He's at the corner of Haight and Ashbury and will type you a poem of a subject of your choosing, length depending on how much you want to pay.June 15
Does anyone know how to play Bocce?  Does anyone even know anyone who knows how to play Bocce?June 16
This is a great example of a creative "park let" -  removal of a parking space and creation of a sitting space outside a cafe or store. This one is a truck pieced together.June 17
Two fashionable women deciding where to go.June 18
A close up of some golden tiles on a bank in Chinatown.June 19
Remnants of a LaCrosse game.June 20
Painting utility boxes is a good idea.June 21
A lone City College protestor ( supporter) goes home.June 22
This is a living unit made with old shipping containers - a new trend.June 23
I actually saw some kid doing this to his friends.June 24
These adonis like figures were actually on the S.I.  high school track team.  They had to run up a hill holding heavy rocks over their heads.  One collapsed in the crosswalk but was OK. Brutal.June 25
Remember how much fun it was to roll down a hill when you were a kid?June 26
Public art that serves at least 2 purposes.June 27
Seen on a historic day for S.F., California, and the country.June 28
Kayakers waiting for a home run in the water outside AT&T Park.June 29
This piece of public art/sculpture shows the wind direction at various altitudes.June 30
It's hard to get a spot for your bike on the ferry these days.July 1
Friends don't let friends live without rainbows ( from yesterday's huge Gay Pride parade).July 2
A Mexican man sitting in a Chinese donut shop in the thing I love about SF.July 3
Due to the BART strike, the station was eerily empty.July 4
Bike butt bell...nice.July 5
I don't know how this huge bow stayed on her head, but it was all part of the costume parade yesterday, July 4.July 6
I don't know who this person is, but her laugh caught my attention.  When was the last time you had a big belly laugh?July 7
This seemed humorous somehow...but hearses need to fill up on gas, too.July 8
I think these knit "cozies" on the bike racks are kind of cool, but why not knit a sweater?  I volunteer to be a recipient.July 9
Late night house party nearby...I almost could have walked in unnoticed since people were spilling out the door.July 10
Hydrangeas are in bloom!July 11
This guy wasn't falling - he did a flip on one of those webbed tightropes strung in between 2 trees.July 12
Peaceful garden scene.July 13
Orange hands reaching for the sky...not sure why.July 14
Another interesting weathervane for the collection.July 15
Some shadows cast on a blank wall.July 16
This is the first hijab I've seen with a decoration on it.July 17
A sad, simple and effective graphic at the rally regarding the Trayvon Martin court decision.July 18
I loved this girl's hair- a braid within a braid, colored too.  It must have taken hours to do.Jluy 19
Accordions are beautiful instruments.July 20
My attempt to elevate the lowly homemade pickle jar into something interesting.July 21
Staring out into the bay, this beautiful sight came into view.July 22
Scene at Duboce Park.  Strangers, one reading and one playing the sax, sitting side by side on a park bench.July 23
This is another piece of functional public art.  I think these chairs were bronzed and attached to the sidewalk.  They are well used.July 24
The Columbarium is a beautiful piece of architecture if you can get over what it's used for.July 25
Let the slugfest begin!July 26
A security guard looks down from his high window.July 27
Painting a mural high above the ground below.July 28
Trivia night in the old streetcar...July 29
The F Market open streetcar. I've been just missing it for years, and I did it again.July 30
One of the many stairway climbs around SF.July 31
This is the lazy way to get your dog exercise.  The couple had a remote control drone which drove the dog crazy.August 1
This is a famous sight ...anyone recognize it? "nuff said.August 2
This guy was loud!August 3
The first sighting of those creepy Google glasses.  Remember, you saw it here first!  Identity disguised to protect...I don't know who.August 4
I really wish I could paint chrome well.  It's gorgeous in the hands of people who know how to do it.  I tried to do justice to this beautiful Harley engine.August 5
I'm seeing these around town -- someone made a light sculpture with super sized legos and hung them on telephone poles.August 6
Crissy field wedding.  It was freezing and the fog was thick and blowing.  They must have been cold.August 7
Catching crabs for dinner off the pier.August 8
I came across this totem pole in the Presidio.  I don't know anything about it or how it got there.August 9
Almost thought this was an ATM till I got a closer look.August 10August 11August 12August 13August 14August 15August 16August 17August 18August 19August 20August 21August 22August 23August 24August 25August 26August 27August 28August 29August 30August 31September 1September 2September 3September 4September 5September 6September 7September 8September 10September 11September 12September 13September 14September 15September 16September 17September 18September 19September 20September 21September 22September 23September 24September 25September 26September 27September 28September 29September 30October 1October 2October 3October 4October 5October 6October 7October 8October 9October 10October 11October 12October 13October 14October 15October 16October 17October 18October 19October 20October 21October 22October 23October 24October 25October 26October 27October 28October 29October 30October 31November 1November 2November 3November 4November 5November 6November 7November 8November 9November 10November 11November 12November 13November 14November 15November 16November 17November 18November 19November 20November 21November 22November 23November 24November 25November 26November 27November 28November 29November 30December 1December 2December 3December 4December 6December 7December 8December 9December 10December 11December 12December 13December 14December 15December 16December 17December 18December 19December 20December 21December 22December 23December 24December 25December 26December 27December 28December 29December 30December 31
A Painting A Day for a Year of San Francisco (2013)
1 painting each day of SF.